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The CFO's First 90 Days: What Finance Professionals Need To Know & Do When Beginning A New Role 

10-07-2019 03:08 PM

As the role of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) continues to evolve, providing finance leaders with enhanced visibility and opportunity to more directly lead and impact employee and customer experiences, the first ninety (90) days in a new CFO role are critical for building relationships and establishing credibility that will lay the groundwork for individual and enterprise success for years to come.

Although there is always pressure to do 'all the right things' in your first ninety (90) days in a new role, finance leaders must establish confidence in their capabilities and ensure that their team is engaged and aligned to the top short- and long-term strategic goals as they pertain to leading your PEOPLE, leading your FUNCTION, and leading your ENTERPRISE.

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10-15-2019 07:34 AM

Kudos to the group that you had prepare this 'First 90 days' document.  It is professional and well-done.  Further, I'll add that the content is broader than just the first 90 days.  Many of the messages have an on-going impact that CFOs should re-visit periodically to refresh their approach in each of those key areas.  . 
I've also found it to be great reminder now to continue to press forward every day to broaden my perspective into other areas beyond core financial reporting. Thank you for highlighting operational areas.

I'm new to the CFO alliance organization ago and I'm looking forward to building out my network within the organization.  

I recommend you keep this document near by and revisit it often. Again, well done team!

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