Member Benefits


Thank you so much for joining AchieveNEXT's Peer Advisory Networks.  We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to get to know and work with you, your team members, and your enterprise.

To help you get started on your personal development journey, below are some of the featured Full Member benefits that we think you’ll want to utilize. 

We’ll be following up in the days ahead with our Full Membership welcome package, so keep an eye out for that!  Should you need any assistance or have questions about your Membership at any time, please feel free to contact us


Your Leadership Safe Zone

In today’s fragmented world, it’s difficult to connect and create meaningful relationships with your peers.  AchieveNEXT’s
invitation-only Peer Roundtables connect finance and HR leaders in person and online,  facilitating candid discussions that are timely, relevant and help leaders define the 'NEXT level' for themselves, their teams, and their enterprises.  Our Roundtables offer leaders an exclusive, efficient, and effective way to connect and collaborate with a qualified group of peers without being judged or solicited. 

Your FULL Membership will automatically reserve your seat for the scheduled Roundtables nearest to you. *Please note: Members can register to attend any Roundtable in any location, at any time. 

CFO Testimonial: After participating in a Roundtable, I’m always thankful for setting aside the time to step away from the day-to-day and have the opportunity to think about things differently. This makes me a better leader, and my company has benefited from my involvement in the CFO Alliance. -   CFO Alliance Member


Next Level Team Performance

Your success is tied to the success of your team — no matter if it is a team of 2, 20, or 200.  With AchieveNEXT, you can develop and lead the best performing team possible. With your FULL Membership, you can add two of your direct reports to the Networks. Your selected team members will have full access to all Member resources, including the online community Groups, Leadership/Job Fit Assessments conducted by ZeroRisk HR © and to a robust online learning  platform containing over 8,000 learning courses for custom, ongoing professional development.


How it Works

Join a Board of Directors

If you aspire to become a member of a public, private company or non-profit board of directors or are looking to fill a board position  for your organization,  AchieveNEXT's partnership with the Boardlist provides connections for you. AchieveNEXT and TheBoardlist connect exceptional candidates from all backgrounds with global board opportunities, and has placed hundreds of women and men on boards. Public, private and non-profit enterprises are especially interested in adding members of the CFO and CHRO Alliance because of the critical skills and experiences they will bring to the boards they join.  

By opting into this benefit AchieveNEXT will provide you with a custom profile, login credentials and an exclusive recommendation for consideration.

* Please note: This is an active database platform where companies and recruiters search to connect with willing, recommended board candidates.

Need help ensuring that you are ready and positioned for a board role?  Access “Board Readiness Training” through AchieveNEXT. 


Enhance your Learning & Development

AchieveNEXT’s Learning Management System (LMS)
is an unparalleled online learning resource for middle market enterprises. Our award-winning microlearning video library of over 9,500 courses engages employees of all levels. Let AchieveNEXT's LMS be a catalyst for your continuous learning and development. 

Powered by BizLibrary, FULL subscribed members have access to more than 9,500 lessons from more than 40 different content partners, many of which provide CPE and SPHR credits. 

Your subscription also includes exclusive, custom curated learning curriculum for CFOs, CHROs and your teams.


Performance Assessments: Job Fit and Leadership

AchieveNEXT has partnered with ZeroRisk HR © to create customized EQ Leadership and Job-Fit Assessments for you and two team members.

Combining the Nobel-nominated science of axiology with artificial intelligence, we’ve created assessments that measure Emotional Intelligence quotient (EQ) to maximize job fit and minimize turnover for your team and enterprise. ​

The AchieveNEXT Leadership Assessment  is the only assessment that measures individual biases and clarity of thinking, making it the most accurate job fit and selection tool available for CFOs and CHROs today!


Performance Benchmarks & Diagnostics

Performing at the NEXT level requires you to do better, act faster, and think smarter.  Through the combination of our Peer Networks and Talent Management Solutions, AchieveNEXT captures and analyzes countless data points gathered from finance and HR leaders to help you measure and benchmark your individual, team, and enterprise performance with peers and offer insights on where you are exceeding performance as well as highlighting opportunities for improvement.

AchieveNEXT is continually adding benchmarks and diagnostic tools to our Networks. If you would like to suggest a benchmark or area of focus that you need, add your suggestions here.