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2022 Budgeting Season -- what is your plan to right the talent ship?

  • 1.  2022 Budgeting Season -- what is your plan to right the talent ship?

    Posted 14 days ago
    In a number of my conversations in the past few weeks with CFOs & CHROs, we have been talking about operating budgets and forecasting for Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention in 2022.  Since I've been a CHRO & COO in my prior life, I know how busy this season is and the scramble is real to ensure you have budget line items for the right things!

    Please reach out to us here at AchieveNEXT if you need any insight with these areas of your business and how to think about investing in...if we can't help, we can find someone who can.  Please also post up what you are doing differently this coming year in your planning cycle to address the Great Recession to share with your colleagues.  

    • Diverse & Innovative Talent Acquisition Strategy
    • Talent Retention & Development
    • Compensation Strategy
    • Diversity, Equity & Belonging
    • HR Team support/consulting
    • Team/Executive/Career Coaching
    • Sales/Business Relationships -- Great webinar on this topic happening on Tuesday: Was your 2021 Sales Performance Just Lucky?
    - Christin McClave (Call me or email me directly!)

    Christin McClave
    Mid Market Operating Partner