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  • 1.  PT CFO Need - MedTech or Medical Device

    Posted 09-29-2020 10:18 AM
    We were contacted through a Member in Chicago by an Advisory/Investor that is helping source a PT CFO for a late stage MedTech company. To this point the CEO has been responsible for the financial operations of the business. They are looking for a Strategic finance person that will be able to help raise money and bring some professionalism to the function.

    Previous experience in Pharma or Med Device is a must.

    Please contact me if you know anyone that is interested.

    Greg Wood
    Co-Founder/Member Engagement
    CFO Alliance
    Wayne PA

  • 2.  RE: PT CFO Need - MedTech or Medical Device

    Posted 09-30-2020 10:58 AM
    I have someone who is joining my staff that has significant healthcare experience.  The question is the specific fit.  He is very familiar with Medicare implications for businesses, since he worked closely with Hospitals and healthcare providers on the financial side of things.  Dealing with Big Pharma and medical equipment manufacturers was part of his regular work.
    Let me know if you feel that an introduction is appropriate.  I think that a conversation is worthwhile, and we can see exactly what their need is, and how my CFO fulfills it.

    Larry Chester
    CFO Simplified
    (224) 436-1600

  • 3.  RE: PT CFO Need - MedTech or Medical Device

    Posted 10-01-2020 11:45 AM
    Hi Greg,

    I have Med tech/Med Dev experience and would love to discuss the opportunity with you.


    Karen Drennan