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succeeding fast in a new role

  • 1.  succeeding fast in a new role

    Posted 01-13-2022 09:22 AM
    Yesterday we released the latest episode of my podcast, "The Leading Edge," this one featuring Rob Cross, who's known as "Mr. Networking" (move over, Nick :-) ) We talked about his powerful new research that shows how the old rules for succeeding in a new role don't work in an age of hyper-collaborative work. Move over trying to wow 'em in the first 90 days--instead, people who really succeed start by investing in their internal networks--peers, team, bosses, projects--building trusting relationships and deep ties. It couldn't more relevant to what we do here in the CFO and CHRO Alliances. Rob's research made the cover of HBR's November-December issue. Take a listen here--and I'd love to hear your thoughts about how the CFOA network has helped you in taking on a new role--or could help you better.


    Tom Stewart
    Chief Knowledge Officer
    New York NY