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The Next Level of Executive Coaching & Leadership Development is Here

AchieveNEXT's A-Player Leadership & Executive Coaching programs provide enterprise leaders with a system to enhance their performance, to capitalize on opportunities, and to overcome the obstacles associated with building and leading a team of A-players

Our programs are built on decades of executive coaching, training and development experience,  up-to-the-minute insights and best practices captured from our executive Peer Advisory Networks, and foundational thinking from the bestselling authors of How to Hire A-Players, Business Relationships That Last, and The Relationship Engine.

The C-Suite Dilemma

Today’s C-Suite executive lives in a world of accelerating change, massive uncertainty and an ever-increasing need to drive long-term enterprise performance. We’re in uncharted territory without a clear direction on how to move forward. Until now.

    The Opportunity for Growth is Real!

    We work with C-suite and other senior executives across emerging, middle-market and Fortune 500 companies to achieve the next level in performance at the individual, team, and enterprise levels.   Each engagement is tailored for the enterprise and executives being coached.

    Our coaching engagements often include focus on one or more of the following executive development opportunities:

    • Carving out time for the strategic vs. tactical
    • Implementing change that sticks.
    • Influencing at the C-Suite and Board level.
    • Enhancing self-awareness, self-management, and emotional intelligence.
    • Improving communication and collaboration across levels and functions.
    • Optimizing high-performing teams and cultures.
    • Coaching B-players into A-players and hiring more A-player talent.

    A-Player Assessment

    How We Do It

    Coaches Tips

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    About Our Coaches

    Choosing a Coach that meets your needs is an important step of the Executive Coaching process offered by AchieveNEXT.

    Our coaches are experienced business and industry leaders. This allows AchieveNEXT to tailor our coaching approach to sharply align with an organization’s and individual's business objectives.  Building off of the 20+ years of work done by the acclaimed Philadelphia-based firm Kelleher Associates, which AchieveNEXT acquired in 2017, our team of Executive and Career Coaches has helped hundreds of senior-level business leaders successfully manage their careers and improve their leadership capabilities.