Performance Cohorts

Next Level Performance Development for Finance and HR Leaders

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work that has forced many Finance and HR leaders to re-evaluate what it takes to be an effective leader.  This isn’t a time to sit back and wait for events to unfold. 

AchieveNEXT Performance Cohorts provide Finance and HR leaders with upskilling and elite leadership performance training led by a professional coach and a group of peers who act as a Personal Board of Advisors. Each cohort member is held accountable to learn, execute and achieve their next level of performance.

All discussions within the Cohorts will be confidential and combine four distinct learning components — peer group learning, executive coaching, action-oriented learning activities and self-awareness for personal and professional development. This continuous learning and performance model helps leaders achieve the next level faster, better, and smarter.

Who Qualifies for a Performance Cohort?

Performance Cohorts are designed for Finance and HR leaders from emerging and middle market enterprises who are ready to take the next step in developing their performance with an eye on serving as the right hand to the CEO, to their C-Suite peers, investors, and boards.

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Peformance Cohort Toolbox

Each AchieveNEXT Performance Cohort begins with personal and professional performance assessments to help customize your Cohort, your goals and KPIs for Leadership, Communications, Strategy, Analytics, and Management performance

Each Performance Cohort will address the unique challenges that emerging and middle market leaders face in the areas of:

Leadership and Communications
  • How to own the room
  • Become an adept influencer
  • Demonstrating authentic leadership
  • Be a relationship builder (internal & external)

  • Understand the business and the strategy
  • Communicating and executing on a growth strategy
  • Addressing and overcoming roadblocks 
  • Make a plan. Work the plan.
  • Challenge the business models of today
  • Change to a culture of innovation
Data and Analytics
  • What data and metrics are standard for business and what data and metrics you/your company should be using/tracking
  • Communicate using the numbers
  • Measurement of Business Relationships

  • Become an agent for change
  • Be a culture driver
  • How to build an effective team
  • Hire and retain top performers

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