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Building a Diverse, Value-Based Team with Rasagna Holt, Founder and CEO of KGTiger

Rasagna Holt is the Founder and CEO of KGTiger, a company that serves the in-house recruitment and talent acquisition industry. KGTiger provides solutions that combine human intelligence and machine learning to solve critical talent acquisition problems. Rasagna and her team have serviced...

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Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy with Lance Hollander, Co-Founder and Partner of The Agency Shop

Lance Hollander is the Co-founder and Partner of The Agency Shop, a company that provides due diligence and assessment of digital strategies, ROI, agency competence, media effectiveness, and technology selections. In addition to this, Lance is a board member at From the Future, an advisor at...

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The Art and Science of Talent Acquisition with Andrew Norrie, Founder and Partner of Forward Path Group

Andrew Norrie is the Founder and Partner of Forward Path Group, a company that provides human capital solutions to help businesses achieve growth. Andrew has 25 years of experience in executive search, client service, strategy, planning, and growth. Throughout his entrepreneurial career, he has...

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Leading Social Change with Dr. DeRetta Rhodes, EVP and Chief People Capital Officer for the Atlanta Braves

Dr. DeRetta Rhodes is the Executive Vice President and Chief People Capital Officer for the Atlanta Braves. Dr. Rhodes oversees people capital initiatives for the organization’s major leagues, minor leagues, and The Battery Atlanta operations. In her three seasons with the Atlanta Braves, she...

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Redefining the Human Resources Role with Laura Remaker, Head of People Operations at gettacar

Laura Remaker is a diversity champion, a leader in human resources, and the Head of People Operations at gettacar, an online platform that helps users buy, trade, sell, and finance used cars. Laura has managed HR, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and leadership and succession planning...

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Using Creativity and Curiosity to Become an Effective Leader with Jim Caruso, Chief Financial Officer of Knipper

Jim Caruso is a financial executive and the Chief Financial Officer of J. Knipper and Company (Knipper), a leading healthcare solutions company that serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Jim is a former CPA/consulting firm partner with 30 years of experience in...

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CX and the CFO

Data from the AchieveNEXT 2021 Sentiment Study reveal an important opportunity for CFOs and CHROs: the chance to help their companies achieve growth goals through customer experience. That thought may be counterintuitive — of all the functions in the C-Suite, Finance might seem to have one...

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Creating an Ensemble Work Environment with Omar Abdullah, VP of Marketing & Outreach at Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education

Omar Abdullah is the Vice President of Marketing & Outreach at Cultivate Behavioral Health & Education. In this role, he helps raise awareness about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy through marketing, branding, communication, sales, and advocacy. Prior to joining Cultivate...

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Navigating Personal and Professional Change with Lori Hardwick, CEO of Wealth Tech at Red Rock Strategic Partners

Lori Hardwick is the CEO of Wealth Tech at Red Rock Strategic Partners. With 25 years of experience in the wealth tech industry, Lori is known for her intense passion for continuous improvement on behalf of financial advisors and their firms. She currently serves on several boards, including the...