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Effective Change Management with Nikki DiCaro, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Data Officer of the Jewish Foundation of Greater Philadelphia

Nikki DiCaro is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Data Officer for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, an organization that mobilizes financial and volunteer resources to address the Jewish community’s most critical priorities. In this role, Nikki is responsible for the...

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How to Become a Joychiever with Tracy LaLonde, Author of The Joychiever Journey

Tracy LaLonde is a professional speaker, business development coach, and author of The Joychiever Journey . She has 28 years of experience in professional public speaking and 20 years of experience in the legal industry. After transforming her life and career through her own joy journey, Tracy...

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What’s accelerating the CFO/CHRO to Chief Performance Officer (r)evolution in 2021?

The activities, efforts and discussions in both The CFO Alliance Peer Advisory Network and The CHRO Alliance Peer Advisory Network over the first seven weeks of 2021 confirm for me that the role of the chief performance officer (CPO) is a natural evolution of both the CFO and CHRO roles. ...

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2021 DEI Sports Industry Outlook Report

Our 2021 DEI Sports Industry Outlook Report , released on February 16th, 2021 , captured insights from dozens of C-Suite executives, HR leaders, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion champions spanning the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and their affiliates. The goal of the study was to benchmark...

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AchieveNEXT Releases Sports Industry DE&I Report

PHILADELPHIA, February 16, 2021 - AchieveNEXT, a leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and Solutions for emerging and mid-market leaders and their enterprises, has released the results of its study of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion within the Professional Sports Industry. From...

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Balancing the Demands of Work and Home in 2021 with Colleen Mook, Former Founder and CEO of Baby Be Hip

Colleen Mook is an experienced entrepreneur, investor, speaker, podcaster, and small business consultant. Since selling her successful business, Baby Be Hip, in 2019, Colleen has focused her time on helping other entrepreneurs develop their businesses and balance the demands of work and home. In...

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Building Inclusive and Healthy Teams with Dr. Shelton Goode, CEO and President of Icarus Consulting

Dr. Shelton Goode is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Icarus Consulting, a veteran-owned consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create an inclusive culture. Dr. Goode has over 20 years of experience with diversity and inclusion, HR, talent management, and...

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Cultivating Transparency and Authenticity in a Virtual Workplace with Jim Dawson, President of Heidolph North America.

Jim Dawson is the President of Heidolph North America. Heidolph is a leader in the production of premium laboratory equipment for the scientific research industry in more than 100 countries worldwide. At Heidolph North America, Jim and his team provide dedicated customer service, shipping...

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Retirement: Dimmer Switch not On-Off Switch

Hi Everyone, the Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on when and how business executives should retire and I have to tell you, I disagree with most of it! Our working life should be on a a dimmer switch, not an "on or off" switch. This article has it wrong. Few people retire earlier...

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The Power of Curiosity and Understanding in the Middle Market with Michele Juliana, Principal in the Technology Consulting Practice at RSM US

Michele Juliana is the Principal in the Technology Consulting Practice at RSM US, where she leads the business applications team. RSM is a leading audit tax and consulting firm focused on the middle market. At RSM US, Michele works with various public and private sector organizations to optimize...