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The Pathway to Financial Leadership with Peter Nesbitt, Vice President of Finance at Teampay

Peter Nesbitt is the Vice President of Finance at Teampay, a software-based platform that allows companies to track their spending in real-time. Peter’s areas of expertise include financial leadership, risk management, revenue growth, and more. As a former military intelligence officer,...

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Podcast: What Now? How Middle Market Executives Are Ending 2020 - Feat. Tom Stewart & Nick Araco

When 2020 began, cautious optimism reigned in the middle market. Growth forecasts, expected hiring, and economic confidence were high, although trending slightly lower compared to the robust performance and glowing optimism of the last half of the decade that was ending. The expansion seemed...

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Finding & Fostering the First Adopters

As we prepare to kick-off our Q2 Executive Roundtable Series: Getting It Right: How CFOs Unlock Value With Technology , I think that it is important that CFOs consider the concept of critical mass when it comes to the adoption of new technology. Let's all agree that change is not easy,...