Michael Dubin

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I gain true satisfaction by applying my valuable 40 years of business experiences to help companies with complex and systemic growth challenges related to management, marketing, sales, customer service, employee compensation and benefits, compliance, litigation of some limited types, regulatory matters, banking, finance, insurance, and many other business matters. Although the vast majority of my clients to whom I have provided services over my 40-year career would be described as “middle market”, I have served clients with billions of dollars of revenues and assets and clients with relatively small revenues and assets.

Mike advises CEOs of middle market companies on business critical and market shaping initiatives in strategy, leadership training, financial consultancy, and business development skills. Proven ability to analyze a company’s opportunities, develop strategies, and implement solutions to ensure organizational growth and excellence. Leverages unique combination of extensive operations experience coupled with the financial acumen to satisfy the required criteria of audit committees while focusing the organization on assets and proceses required to compete and win in the market.

Apply personal and deep advisory skills to public and private businesses within manufacturing and distribution, financial services, business services and real estate. Provide specialty project leadership across areas of financial management, employee culture development, and trusted business advisor services.