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Welcome and thank you for visiting my profile. I'm an Operations Finance Professional focused on growing profits and cash flow, building corporate value. I focus on being a steward to the balance sheet and ensuring financial reporting integrity. As a positive focused problem solver, I first identify business issues through in-depth financial analysis, then shift my focus to fixing root causes to problems which in my view is the ultimate added value that safeguards operational effectiveness, profits and cash flow.   

I'm a life-long sports enthusiast, sports coach for kids, baseball player growing up, and current-day golfer, I have a passion for being competitive and building comradery with team sports. The positive energy and passion garnered from competitive team sports transferred over into my business career. People that I work with describe me as a good coach, mentor, and one who enjoys building a positive and productive environment.

In 1989, I was hired by General Electric ("GE") as a division Controller. At the time, GE was one of the best companies in the world and I had the unique opportunity to be trained by GE's financial management intellectual courses and continue to use these learnings to the current day. I spent a total of 10 years with this company even though this division was acquired by Alcatel Alstom.      


♦ Working with Tatum CFOs, AC Lordi, BDO, Fidato Partners and others, I've gained valuable experience in leadership, management, forecasting, analytics, KPIs, financial reporting for multi-company and multi divisions, grasping business operations, flash reports, change management and forward-looking analysis.

♦ Built a Shared Service operation from scratch, eliminating over $5M in excess costs for an international company

♦ Developed operating and reporting model for a new business line that helped the company reverse losses to profits

♦ Focused on growth initiatives by managing the driving components of KPIs which ultimately drives productivity.

♦ Managed financial reporting of multi-company and business units for an international company

Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Equipment Leasing, Financial Services, Distribution, and International Business

Leadership & Managing Finance Teams - FP&A - Data Analytics - Projections, Budgets & Forecasting - Financial Modelling - KPI Focused - Managing Cash Flow & EBITDA – M&A - International Business - Team Development - Strategy

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