Christin McClave

Chief Growth Officer,

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I am an experienced utility executive with a vision for growing profits and healthy cultures across the manufacturing, e-commerce, industrials, and healthcare sectors. Having worked internally at both public and private companies, been a shareholder/owner of a 3rd generation family business, and externally as an advisor across many different sized enterprises, I approach leadership and the boardroom with a multiple-stakeholder focus. My ability to be an upstream and downstream thinker, connect the dots and recognize patterns where others see complexity allows me to bring a future-oriented mindset to a leadership or board role that has a need to evaluate alternative scenarios and see around corners. I am passionate about developing teams and growing leaders. I have a competitive drive to grow revenue without sacrificing profitability and love to spearhead organizational culture & redesign initiatives. I am an agile leader who can effortlessly switch from divergent perspectives—leader, peer, coach, board member and owner. Executive leadership with private company due diligence, M&A integration, Realignment and Private Equity transition experience. I am a passionate strategist and tactical implementer at the intersection of people, process and technology.