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Vireo Group, LLC


Chirag Richards-Desai (“Chi”) has spent over 15 years advising companies and elevating their financial and operational sophistication. Having started his career in public accounting, Chi quickly realized the exponential value technology added to any organization as he worked for multiple SaaS companies.

During his tenure as COO and CFO of technology companies, Chi gained first-hand experience in both sell-side and buy-side M&A diligence. In founding Vireo Group, he brings both his experience and a team of proven operators and strategists to focus on the businesses they partner with to grow and reach the next level.

Chi has co-founded two startups—one in the healthcare space and the other in the ed-tech space—and is heavily involved in the technology ecosystem in Western New York, finding and applying technology in intuitive ways. He’s also served on the board of non-profits and enjoys building communities of mission-oriented individuals.