Gale Sommers

Managing Partner,
GS Advisors, LLC

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GS Advisors, LLC


Principal of GS Advisors, LLC, a provider of business advisory services to small to mid-market companies through consultancy arrangements and board service. 

I am a highly accomplished, results-driven senior executive with thirty-plus years experience in the private and public sectors. I have extensive operational, accounting, and financial knowledge that includes the financial services, real estate, and insurance services industries. I have experience in all operational and financial areas, tax and regulatory matters, human resources, sales, information technology, credit and risk management, and administrative and corporate functions. My superior executive management and leadership skills include market analysis, strategic planning, financial planning and modeling, budgeting and cash flow forecasting, understanding and evaluating business technology, and hiring, training, and evaluating personnel.

I utilize my extensive professional experience and significant executive leadership accomplishments in business to provide a comprehensive range of business assistance for small to mid-size companies, including advice to boards of directors and senior executives on strategic development and stability planning and executing strategies and tactics. I provide coaching, professional guidance, and support to organizations, including meaningful and insightful financial and operational analyses, human resources assistance, and compliance and regulatory advice, all in partnership with the leadership team. I provide solutions to organizations to increase their bottom line and improve their productivity, efficiency and performance. I apply qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for progress to strategic governance efforts.

My foundational values will enable me to bring a different perspective to an organization or board of directors that will help a company generate revenue, improve efficiency, and assist it in achieving its strategic growth objectives.