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Diversity & Inclusion are essential to shaping the workplace financially, socially, creatively and even spiritually. Yes, there really is an ROI to this concept. As someone who is an attorney and also diverse, I am passionate about creating a workplace where Diversity is celebrated and Inclusion is embraced. Simply, D&I are two of the most important practices for the future of our country. I have experienced environments where D&I have been incorporated and others where D&I have been ignored. Far and away the former, where people are accepted and appreciated, is more productive, supportive, inspiring and equitable.

By 2040, the majority of the United States will be minority populations and in order to facilitate the interaction of these various groups, Americans need to be educated in the fields of D&I. Without this instruction, there can be dysfunction and distrust; with it, there can be constructive, creative and expansive productivity.

Beyond the mere optics of a diverse group of employees, a healthy, diverse and inclusive culture, in fact, has the power to take any organization from good to great. Numerous studies have unequivocally established that a diverse workforce will produce better, more creative, more thoughtful and productive services, products and environments. From personal experience I know that by adopting a practice of effectively diversifying their workforces and ensuring that all employees feel included and appreciated, businesses can attain positive results.

Organizations need a comprehensive plan including D&I, Belonging and Unconscious Bias training, diversity auditing, and crisis intervention and resolution. This practice must be more than a rote check-the-box, politically correct exercise. It must engage the workforce and provide the group with skills and tools to begin to create the environment you are seeking. Auditing will assess where you are and where you want to go. And every business, no matter how well it is run, can experience a problematic employee or situation based on diversity issues. Providing these services is a worthwhile and important pursuit; one which I am prepared to offer.

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