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  • Thank you Tom. Ed and I have been corresponding and he intends to comment on the posting on my LinkedIn feed. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate it if all reading this message would also read, like, ... Read More

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    RE: Benchmarking - Finance Function Costs

    All, This discussion helped me initiate a good conversation with our CEO on our staffing level plan for the next two years.  Would anyone have similar benchmarks for HR, IT, Marketing, and Legal?  These ... Read More

  • The article that Greg refers to is smart and street-smart, I think--Ed Wallace, whom many of you know, has a fabulous track record of helping sales forces develop stronger relationships and produce greater ... Read More

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    RE: RPA Capitalization

    We have quite a few for our operations team, our RPAs are all code (automated software). Right now we are expensing them all but we plan to capitalizing R&D moving forward and expense the on-going maintenance.  ... Read More

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    BENCHMARKING STUDY: FINANCE FUNCTION COST How CFOs plan to DO MORE, DO IT FASTER, DO IT BETTER How much should a finance function cost? That question sparked a ...

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    Check out our Benchmarking Report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within the Professional Sports Industry . Diversity on the field is not matched by diversity off ...

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    Our 2021 CFO/CHRO Sentiment Study, released January 14, 2021, captured insights and perspectives from over 300 Finance and HR leaders from across North America. Finance and HR ...


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Risk Management Solutions  

Risk Management commonly falls under the purview of middle market CFOs and CHROs. As leaders who are being asked to deepen their involvement in technology ...


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Human Capital Strategy & KPIs  

High-performance organizations are no longer being managed from the center out. Decision-making authority is being transferred to the front lines, and ...


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Growth Strategies  

This Community is a safe place to discuss, debate and dissect the measures you will take to drive enterprise growth in 2019 and how you can most effectively ...


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When it comes to IT investment, CFOA members agree that it is best to keep the approach to measurement simple and one that can be quickly grasped by all ...


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