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Check out our Benchmarking Report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within the Professional Sports Industry. Diversity on the field is not matched by diversity off the field.  To win, professional sports teams must change that.  This benchmarking Report outlines key observations from the Study as well as recommendations from the AchieveNEXT leadership team and consulting partners.

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Our 2021 CFO/CHRO Sentiment Study, released January 14, 2021, captured insights and perspectives from over 300 Finance and HR leaders from across North America. Finance and HR leaders will continue to focus on rebuilding revenue, on enhancing customer and employee strategies and scenario planning as they look to emerge stronger in 2021. They’ll keep making changes to products and services, pricing and delivery strategies and increasing customer segments to increase revenue — They will invest in data analytics and automation to help spur growth in the next year and beyond. They will apply the lessons learned during 2020 -- a year like no other -- to help prepare their people and themselves for all that 2021 will bring and for the future. 

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In July, 2020 AchieveNEXT surveyed a cross-section of US-based emerging and mid-market CFOs and CHROs about their enterprises’ current and projected financial outlook, with particular focus on business strategy, people, technology and risk.  In August, 2020, they released the Mid-Year Update to CFO-CHRO Sentiment Report.  While this Report confirmed significant financial impact from COVID-19 in the first half of 2020, it also revealed a consistent and cautious optimism for business re-entry and revenue rebound despite ongoing health, safety and financial concerns. 

Our 2020 CFO/CHRO Sentiment Study, released January 15, 2020, captured insights and perspectives from over 600 Finance and HR leaders from across North America, with analysis that confirmed that there is a powerful link between an enterprise’s financial performance and the extent to which its Finance and HR leaders collaborate. Enterprises where the relationship has become much more collaborative are committing to higher revenue and EBITDA growth for the year ahead.


This Study captures the sentiments and intentions of The CFO Alliance, the leading peer advisory network they power for more than 8,000 Finance leaders representing middle market and emerging enterprises from diverse industries and markets, and adds the opinions and insights from the newest AchieveNEXT Network, The CHRO Alliance, a peer advisory network for senior HR leaders. This Study offers comparisons and contrasts between how modern Finance and HR leaders plan to best position their enterprises to address challenges and to capitalize on opportunities as a new decade begins.

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The CFO Alliance's annual Mid-Year Update to the CFO Sentiment Study is aimed to provide insights into the modern finance executive's sentiments on various topics for the balance of 2019. Over two-hundred-ten (210) senior financial executives across North America participated in the 2019 Mid-Year Study, offering in-depth perspectives on how they plan to drive growth and performance for their enterprises in the face of decreasing confidence in the global economy, increasing talent shortages, and disruptions to industry and business model norms in 2019.

This annual Study surveys a broad sample of senior financial executives across North America, providing insights into the strategic planning and financial outlook of finance executives.

Topics covered include strategy on growth, human capital, economic and political outlook, financing, risk, trade, government regulation, technology and budgeting.   Results are presented in aggregate as well as analyzed by industry, company size/revenue, business life cycle and

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