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When:  Apr 29, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)


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Apr 29, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (ET)

Program Overview

Join your finance and HR peers to discuss one of the the biggest challenges cited in the 2021 CFO-CHRO Sentiment Study — investments in updating or upgrading systems to address inefficiencies.

Who's Invited:
CFOs and CHROs from middle-market companies in major cities throughout the Northeast U.S. (New York, Philadelphia, D.C., etc.), as well as Toronto. This is a great opportunity to connect with and learn from peers who share the challenges of your role.

*Please note after a 15 minute Q&A with a Member company we will break into smaller breakout groups based location, size of company and/or function. Zoom will open up 30 minutes early for networking and open conversation.

Additional Details:
According to AchieveNEXT's most recent Sentiment Study, 26% of CFOs say improving their enterprise’s technology platform is the #1 challenge for their finance teams in 2021. It is the most-often cited challenge. An additional 17% name enhancing technology through BI and AI as a top challenge. Among the underlying problems: System inefficiencies—the need to spend significant time aggregating and reconciling data with little time for analysis and a lack of integration of finance data with data from marketing, operations, HR, etc.  

In our Q2 Peer Advisory Group Meetings, we will help you address those challenges by introducing you to subject-matter experts and providing a platform for peer-to-peer learning. 
Topics to be explored include:

1. What are the most critical (biggest bang for the buck) tech investments you can make in your function? For the enterprise as a whole? 
2. Integrating your tech stacks. The Sentiment Study revealed a major desire to to integrate finance, marketing, HRIS, and ops. What platforms work best? What tips can you offer others from your experience? 
3. Making the business case for investment. Where to look for the quickest savings? The biggest savings? The quickest revenue gains? The biggest gains? How much time and resources are saved when time spent on low-level work is reduced? What would you do with that new time and/or money? 
4. Governance and planning. Who needs to be in the room to get the most from technology investments?
5. What is the biggest obstacle to getting to the next level of tech. Money, talent, or organizational inertia? What can you do about it? 
6. Off the balance sheet and into the cloud. Look like a hero by funding growth while also reducing the asset side of the balance sheet.

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