Power of 3 - #4

By Steven Beshears posted 12-21-2020 10:14 AM



A weekly three-minute read highlighting takeaways and insights from conversations with members.


Top 3 Quotes of the Week:


  • “Gotta go back to basics”

This came up when discussing leadership and how senior leaders’ actions impact the company from the top down. If the C-Suite isn’t aligned, then how can anyone else be expected to do so? Are you seeing a disconnect with company culture in this virtual workforce?


  • "I’m over Zoom”

I think we all are at this point. Recently, I offered to just make a phone call instead of getting on Zoom, and the CFO on the other end was so grateful because she said she hates feeling like she’s on display all day, every day. What are you doing to combat Zoom fatigue??


  • “Innovate or Inundate”

Some members last week felt as if they were falling behind their peers. They were hearing how instead of one new system implementation they should be doing 3-4, or even more. One CFO said she felt as if this new virtual operation structure for business meant we have to “Innovate or Inundate”. What changes are you making in 2021 to stay ahead of the competition??


Top 3 Articles Shared This Week:





Top 3 Major Topics of Discussion This Week:


  • Critical Thinking  - For a second week in a row, critical thinking, or “Professional Skepticism” was a major hot topic. How realistic is training for critical thinking? The relative success of a training program remains to be seen. What are you doing to promote critical thinking within your enterprise? Are there specific metrics that you use to quantify/qualify critical thinking?


  • Technology - Technology is always a big topic. Several of last week ‘s conversations centered around technology and the return to work. Rules and regulations galore. Two companies have now shared that they are developing apps to help employees stay safe and socially distanced as they choose to come back into work. Are you doing anything with the transition back to work?


  • Best Practices - 2020 helped all of us understand that we will never be fully prepared. How do we combat that and stay proactive instead of reactive? Recently, more than 50 CHROs and CFOs collaborated on an industry agnostic best practice report for Employee Engagement and Productivity in 2021. Have you had a chance to check it out?
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12-21-2020 10:45 AM

Steven, thanks for this, some really great comments. I love the distinction between "innovate and inundate"! Interested to hear others thoughts on this. One way of looking at this is you can't possibly innovate if you are constantly being inundated (and inundating others) with data, information, initiatives, etc. We have to be able to walk through a field of data and glean insights that are connected to the strategic success of the business. Then, we have to motivate ourselves and those around us to maintain a focus on these insights long enough to turn them into meaningful action. Interested in reactions, Eric