Power of 3 - #2

By Steven Beshears posted 11-23-2020 09:49 AM


3 minute read that highlights takeaways and insights from member engagement over the last week! 

Top 3 Quotes of This Week:

 “We’re paying for productivity”

When we talk about flexible scheduling past, present, and future everyone thinks of something different. For some people we’re seeing that they might be more productive on a Saturday than a Tuesday. If the work is done, and done well why does the day matter? Are we going to start moving away from the traditional 9-5 Monday through Friday?

 “Disruption impacts more than the bottom line” 

Being in a “decision making” position often means making those tough decisions for the benefit of the organization. The relationships that CFO’s and CHRO’s have with their various vendors are established in many different ways. For a new vendor to come in and try to undercut their relationship to save a quick dollar disrupts not only a standing relationship but has direct implications on the employees. Take employee benefits for example, a new disruptor might be able to cut costs initially, but what about all the labor that comes along with switching providers, handling open enrollments, and making sure the transition is seamless? 

 “Buy low, sell high”

This is the mentality when discussing 2021 initiatives. The question was asked “Where are you cutting and where are you doubling down?” Most were in agreement that marketing efforts should be where we double down. Where are you going to double down in 2021?

Top 3 Articles Shared This Week: 

 Return to Work: A Guide for Government

Preparing for the Next Normal

Trends Transforming ERP Planning in 2021


Top 3 Major Topics of Discussion This Week:

Flexibility - Flexibility was huge this week in regard to both remote work, and management of productivity. Some organizations see the typical 9-5 as the norm and aren’t willing to budge. How does that impact their employees though? What about those who have to start a little later because they have to make sure their kids are able to work from home too? What about those who need more time on the deadline because they have to juggle other people working in the house too? 

Mental Health Impacts - We get it. Everyone is tired of the screens, and tired of being stuck at home. Personally, when my roommate was diagnosed with COVID, not only did I have to worry about my health, but now I had to worry about going back to work. The workplace is not the same as before, may never be back to where it was. And that’s okay. 

Cybersecurity - Are we ever really fully protected..? I had multiple discussions on the topic of cyber, and almost everyone I spoke with felt like they needed more. How do we ensure we have the most robust cyber protection unique to us? Before we can answer that we must figure out who is the authority on determining the level of protection necessary. Are you satisfied with your cyber protection?