Power of 3 - #1

By Steven Beshears posted 11-16-2020 09:42 AM


3 minute read that highlights takeaways and insights from member engagement over the last week! 

Top 3 quotes of the week:

 “Budgeting and forecasting is something we seem to do every 20 minutes”

Agile budgeting and scenario-based planning was a hot topic from Q3. It seems that it is a recurring theme we will be seeing in Q4 and maybe even the start of 2021. How many scenarios are you budgeting for in 2021?

“We need to put the technology we’ve always had, to use… Reimagine” 

Just because things have always been done a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean that is the correct way. We’ve had technology, but people have refused to use it. What are some interesting ways you’ve reimagined your current technology?

“CFO doesn’t stand for Chief Freak-Out Officers”

In response to how financial decisions are made in the best interest of the organization during times of uncertainty. What else does CFO stand for?

Top 3 articles shared this week: 

COVID-19 Travel Advisory

Mass Exodus of Women in the Workforce

Women Leaving Work due to Covid  

Top 3 major topics of discussion this week:

Remote Culture - No organization pre-COVID would describe their culture as “in-person” so how do we apply that to our new virtual world? How are your people being impacted? What are you doing about returning? Are your employees moving? For those in growth mode, how do you instill your culture remotely? 

DE&I - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is often viewed as one competency, DE&I. While all things grouped in 3’s are inherently better (see what I did there), some companies are beginning to test the waters and just focus on Diversity and Inclusion to build a better foundation, and bring in the Equity piece later. Do the three have to always be worked on together, or can we break them up and have a more granular focus on them?

Tech Investment - How do we prioritize what’s important? If data drives our decisions, then what data drives what decisions? What’s the most robust CRM for our organization? When do we know it’s time to switch to a new CRM? Tracking productivity can be expensive, but how do we determine if it’s accurate?