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The Manager Skills Gaps Are Real and No Industry, Function, or Geo Market Is Immune!

By Nick Araco posted 29 days ago

Over the past eight weeks, Members of The CFO Alliance and The CHRO Alliance have shared with us and their peers, data and insights on the critical manager skills gaps they and their enterprises are currently facing. 

Here is what they shared:

The top 5 skills managers across functions/enterprises/
industries in emerging and mid-market businesses are currently lacking include:

  • Effective team building skills --  Less than 1/2 of current employees feel their managers have strong team-building skills.
  • Providing effective feedback -- The most recent workforce studies found employees prefer more feedback to less feedback.
  • Consistent time management skills -- Most managers lack the experience and ability to prioritize as well as get and stay organized throughout the course of each day.
  • Effective delegation, monitoring, and accountability skills -- Hybrid/remote workforce dynamics have only worsened these issues.
  • Efficient and effective communication up/down/throughout/outside the enterprise --  For many managers, there is little or no time to communicate-synchronize-set and manage expectations and measure performance. For many managers, communications have become 'audits' of time and performance and thereby have hurt and weakened key relationships.  
The Manager Skills Gap is Real.  The new labor market is continually challenged by technological disruption, demographic change, and the evolving nature of work.  To learn more about how you and your enterprise can fill your manager skills gap and to access the tools, resources and support you need, contact me or @Eric Herrenkohl to discuss.