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Finding & Fostering the First Adopters

By Nick Araco posted 05-02-2019 11:02 AM

As we prepare to kick-off our Q2 Executive Roundtable Series: Getting It Right:  How CFOs Unlock Value With Technology,  I think that it is important that CFOs consider the concept of critical mass when it comes to the adoption of new technology. 

Let's all agree that change is not easy, especially when it comes to changing technology that drives your business.  However, if you think about it, every piece of technology which is now (or once was) a critical part of our personal and professional lives was once new and novel.  With this in mind, one of the most critical steps a CFO can undertake when developing the decision, implementation and adoption plan for a new technology is to identify and engage the First Adopters

is this important?  Because most forms of technology become more useful as more people adopt them and the value of technology increases as the size of the users itself does. Eventually, the number of users in your enterprise will reach critical mass, and not owning that particular technology becomes a hindrance. Useful technology tends to lead the first adopters to persuade those around them to try it, too. As a general rule, the more a new technology depends upon a network of users, the faster it will reach critical mass. This situation creates a positive feedback and utilization loop.

can a CFO identify these critical First Adopters?   Look for these three (3) signs and you will be well on your way:
  • First adopters have the problem that you seek to address with this new technology.
  • First adopters know they have the problem that you seek to address with this new technology.
  • First adopters have already put together a makeshift solution to address the problem with the current technology.
By spending the time to identify and engage these First Adopters, you’ve potentially just saved lots of time and money by not targeting the wrong user segments and desperately trying to sell them on a technology they don’t need!