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The CFO Mandate: Linking Talent to Value in 2019

By Nick Araco posted 02-07-2019 05:51 PM

The CFO Alliance Members & Partners Kicked Off their Q1, 2019 Executive Roundtable Series discussing how CFOs can best lead an enterprise that retains top talent while maximizing top line, bottom line and shareholder value performance...

This morning, 50 Finance Executives gathered outside of Philadelphia, PA to launch our Q1 Executive Roundtable Series and discussed, debated and dissected one of their top mandates for 2019:  Determining how they - as Modern Finance Executives - can best link their enterprise talent to value.

The discussion, led by Mike Ross, Manager of Innovation & Development at Insperity, centered on six (6) critical areas of focus:

  • How CFOs can best embrace Workforce Analytics and Performance Management:  We discussed ways CFOs can measure the return on their company’s training and investments as well as how they can measure the quality of each hire.
  • How CFOs are increasing Employee Engagement?  We examined best practices CFOs can use to engage both active and passive employees as well as how they can motivate employees during times of change.
  • Walking The Talk: How CFOs Can Define and Live Up To Their Employment Brand: We learned how CFOs can work with other departments to integrate employment brand into the overall brand of their enterprises.
  • It’s All in the Numbers:  We learned how the costs of employee attrition are reflected on the Income Statement.
  • Try Escaping the Traditional:  Servant Leadership – We talked a bit about this leadership philosophy that leads to culture.  
  • Do We Know Why Our People Leave? – We learned how to avoid “The Daisy Chain of Death.

Here is Our Opportunity as Modern Finance Leaders: ‘The CFO role continues its evolution as one of the most visible and impactful C-Level positions, making aspiration for the role of CFO a potential career ambition for a broader population of young professionals.’ 

Here is Our Issue: ‘In the face of rapidly shifting customer expectations, technological disruption and regulatory developments, the question is no longer whether the workforce is being transformed, but how quickly, how to keep pace, and how to deliver strong results in this new environment.’

Here is the Strategic Development Model aligning Personal, Operational and Strategic Performance Objectives in our
Enterprises that we landed on:

Stay tuned as we take this discussion to Toronto, Canada and to New York, NY next week...