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Finance and Sales: How to Align Goals and Priorities to Drive Growth

By Matt Cockayne posted 06-02-2021 08:55 AM


Amid signs of an exceptionally strong economic rebound after a year disrupted by the pandemic, CFOs of emerging and middle market enterprises are ready to examine all avenues of revenue growth: Driving innovation, entering new markets, increasing wallet share, capturing new customer segments, and  closing mergers and acquisitions.

Ultimately, however, when it comes to growth, all roads pass through the sales team. To achieve the next level, finance and sales leaders will need to partner more closely than ever to reach a shared understanding of what growth strategies to pursue, which sales capabilities matter most, and which activities to fund.

To help CFOs and sales leaders align, AchieveNEXT and the National Association of Sales Professionals partnered to study how leaders from two functions view their partnership and priorities. A survey of CFOs and sales leaders across industries conducted in April 2021 looked at the interaction between the CFO and the CSO, their status in their enterprises, their relationships, and their priorities.