AchieveNEXT Releases New Briefing Examining Alignment of 2021 Finance & Sales Goals

By Matt Cockayne posted 06-02-2021 09:56 AM

Despite similar goals, finance and sales leaders have divergent views on how best to spend and invest to drive sales growth for the remainder of 2021

AchieveNEXTthe leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and Talent Development and Performance Solutions for middle-market leaders, their teams and enterprises, has released a new benchmarking report looking at the intersections between the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Sales Officer (CSO), their status in their enterprises, their relationships, and their priorities for the remainder of 2021.

Data from AchieveNEXT's 2021 CFO-CHRO Sentiment Study, released in late January, 2021, showed that the top priority for finance and HR leaders from emerging and middle market enterprises would be on rebuilding revenue, on enhancing customer and employee strategies and scenario planning as they looked to emerge stronger in the later part of 2021 and beyond. They'll keep making changes to products and services, pricing and delivery strategies and increasing customer segments to increase revenues.

This apparent trend led to AchieveNEXT and the National Association of Sales Professionals partnering together in April of 2021 to survey how finance and sales leaders view their relationship, partnership, and priorities amid signs of an exceptionally strong economic rebound after a year disrupted by the pandemic.

The data was captured, analyzed and turned into a new briefing, titled "Finance and Sales: How to Align Goals and Priorities" and authored by Thomas A. Stewart, AchieveNEXT Chief Knowledge Officer, Christopher McCoy, Vice President of Business Development at the NASP, and Ed Wallace, Managing Director of AchieveNEXT's Human Capital Practice.

"CFOs and sales leaders are often said to see the world differently, but we found a more nuanced story with a lot of collaboration and trust", says McCoy. "The survey revealed that, despite similar goals, the two leaders have often divergent views of how best to spend and invest to drive sales growth." 

Says Stewart, "By understanding and discussing those differences, finance and sales leaders — and CEOs — can forge much more effective partnerships."

Download the Briefing here.