AchieveNEXT Announces New Global Advisory Board Members for 2020-2022

By Matt Cockayne posted 10-23-2020 04:31 PM


AchieveNEXT, a leading provider of Peer Advisory Networks and Solutions for emerging and mid-market leaders, today announced the new and returning members of its Alliance Networks Global Advisory Board.

Comprised of AchieveNEXT’s active CFO and CHRO Alliance members, the Global Advisory Board helps guide how AchieveNEXT provides value to its thousands of members throughout North America. Board members regularly provide insight and counsel on what is happening in their industry and regional market, information that helps shape discussions within the Networks and contribute to AchieveNEXT product development.

“Our Global Advisory Board members are some of our most engaged and respected members,” says AchieveNEXT CEO Nick Araco. “They have a keen understanding of the power of our Peer Networks and are eager to volunteer their time to help us provide even more value.”

Board members represent a diverse cross-section of industries, geographies and company size, though most fall into the emerging or mid-market category. This year’s board consists of 56 finance and HR leaders. Board members participate in quarterly virtual meetings and stay connected via shared discussion groups and AchieveNEXT activities.

Members of the Global Advisory Board also serve as advocates for the AchieveNEXT Member Networks and regularly refer new members to the Alliances.

Members for the 2020-2022 term include:

-Gil Adler
-Nick Araco, Chairman of the Board
-Lisa Bowers
-Robert Bufano
-Craig Carra
-Erik Carrozza
-Tarun Chopra
-Mitch Codkind
-Kadidia Cooper
-Doug Cunningham
-Greg DeShields
-Lynn DiBonaventura
-Amy Dickerson
-Kelly Ehler
-Bill Elkin
-Randall Fulk
-Deanna Glose
-David Granese
-Kathy Hall
-Velma Hart
-Barry Hartzberg
-Dan Heller
-Reyn Holden
-Kerrie Kavanagh
-Matt Lane
-Bryan Lapidus
-Theresa Lipcsey
-Chris Macies
-Steve Maley
-Yvonne McGinley
-Sridip Mukhopadhyaya
-Sandra Nash
-Peter Nesbitt
-Daniel O’Donnell
-Robert Passaro
-Jeff Payne
-Harpreet Peleg
-Dina Perreault
-Marcine Pickron-Davis
-Ellen Purdy
-Laura Remaker
-John Roberts
-Tom Ruchalski
​-Linda Sanchez
-Steve Slone
-James Smith
-Gale Sommers
-Richard Swinyard
​-Dina Toal
-Kelly Tomlin
-Dina Wald-Margolis
-Andrew Wesztergom
-Leonard Williams
-Julie Wright
-Jennifer Yousem
-Tonya Zweier​


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