Leadership Tip

By Marci Wilf posted 10-06-2020 08:34 AM


One of the most challenging skills for any leader to learn is how to effectively delegate.  This is especially critical to the success of a new leader who is trying to transition from a “doer” to a manager/leader of other “doers”.  The key is to recognize that your job has fundamentally changed, and that inspiring, caring for and about, and successfully managing the performance of each member of your team is now your job… as a leader you now accomplish your assigned tasks by working through others!

You can begin to successfully delegate by practicing three key steps: (1) let go of controlling all of the details of how tasks get done (probably the hardest thing for new leaders to do); (2) recognize the difference between those tasks that can/should/must be delegated and those that only you can do; and (3) know when to step in and help and when to hold back and let your employee figure it out for himself/herself.  Good luck!