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Elevating Founders Into CEOs With Mike Krupit, Founder of Trajectify

By Jeremy Weisz posted 01-24-2022 01:33 AM


Mike Krupit Mike Krupit founded Trajectify, a business and leadership coaching company, in 2013 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. He has been at the helm of eight diverse startups — including Real Food Works, Novotorium, and CDNOW — and is familiar with the highs and lows of running a business. He began his career as an engineer before discovering his passion for leadership and coaching.

During his 30 years of experience, Mike helped a 15-year-old telecommunications company double its revenues to $25 million and spent a decade in Silicon Valley working with two innovative businesses: Verity and KnowledgSet. He moved back to the Northeast and was a pioneer for Infonautics and Knite Inc., a spin-out from Princeton University. He has also helped cultivate communities like the Philly New Tech Meetup and Bootstrappers Breakfast.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Mike Krupit describes why startups grabbed his attention and how he got hooked on business leadership
  • Mike’s transition from an engineer to an effective leader
  • Why every mistake can be an opportunity for growth and success
  • What it takes to be a great leader: understanding people and communicating effectively
  • How Mike combined his purpose and passion to create a valuable business model
  • The difference between a founder and a CEO — and how Mike helps leaders bridge that gap
  • Mike talks about coaching a team and cultivating a safe and successful environment
  • Why it’s important for a leader to make confident and timely decisions

In this episode…

What are the ingredients of a great leader? As a founder of a business, how can you elevate your leadership and take your team to great heights?

Great leaders are not sculpted overnight — they must be given the opportunity and tools to rise to the next level. Mike Krupit has the perfect recipe for crafting an effective leadership approach and evolving your business for growth. Are you ready to build your confidence and turn your organization into something exceptional?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Mike Krupit, the Founder of Trajectify, to talk about growing as a business leader. Mike discusses the importance of communicating effectively with your team, why you should be cognizant of the stages of development within your organization, and how to make confident and timely leadership decisions. Stay tuned.

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