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Work Smarter, Not Harder With Richard Polak, Global Business Advisor

By Jeremy Weisz posted 12-13-2021 04:00 AM


Richard PolakRichard Polak is a global business consultant and renowned thought leader with over 40 years of experience. He has designed world-class and HR benefit programs for multinational firms, including leading hotel chains, Fortune 100 companies, and global technology brands. Currently, Richard serves as a senior global advisor for an advocacy group that advises Congress on benefit issues, as well as other prominent associations and consulting firms.

Richard has helped hundreds of companies in more than 90 countries increase productivity, improve HR Forensics, and take their businesses to the next level. Previously, he worked as the Executive Vice President/Area President for Gallagher Multinational Benefits and HR Consulting, the President and CEO of IBIS Advisors, and the Senior Vice President for Johnson & Higgins/Mercer.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Richard Polak talks about his entrepreneurial roots and how he grew an enduring global consulting firm
  • One of Richard’s unique perspectives on balancing work and life
  • What it means to be a global HR consultant and the importance of empowering others
  • How employer and employee relationships have shifted because of the pandemic
  • Employee benefits in the US versus the rest of the world
  • Why now is a perfect opportunity for leadership to adapt and evolve 
  • Richard discusses his book and explains why companies should invest in their employees
  • How can you cultivate a workplace of passion and purpose?

In this episode…

How can you take the leap and revolutionize your workplace to increase revenue? What if there was a way to create and sustain an environment of positivity and productivity in the workplace?

Richard Polak knows the value and efficacy of empowering employees. He advises companies all over the globe on the importance of working smarter, not harder. As he says, people need to feel valued, and a relationship of trust between employers and employees can positively increase productivity — and promote balance and well-being.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco talks with Global Business Advisor Richard Polak about employee-building and developing a more sustainable and productive future. Richard talks about the benefits of empowering employees, how the pandemic presented an opportunity for leadership to evolve, and why you should surround yourself with people whose strengths complement your weaknesses.

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