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The Human Advantage — Developing People and Culture with Eric Guthoff, Founder of Human Advantage

By Jeremy Weisz posted 07-18-2021 05:00 PM


Eric GuthoffEric Guthoff is the Founder of Human Advantage, an advisory firm helping organizations in sports stand out as leaders in people and culture. Human Advantage partners with leagues, teams, sports media organizations, and more to develop solutions that maximize engagement, growth, and performance.

Eric is a relationship-driven and growth-minded executive with a proven track record of identifying, launching, and executing opportunities with complex organizations. His past experiences have afforded him opportunities to build strong relationships across sports, entertainment, gaming, and eSports.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Eric Guthoff discusses his passion for sports and how he transitioned to entrepreneurship
  • Eric’s global career and his experience building relationships in different countries
  • The “rules of the road” — integrating work and life
  • Eric talks about building the foundation for Human Advantage during a pandemic
  • The importance of engaging with people to develop the sports industry
  • Embracing career lattices and the challenges of integration
  • How leadership roles have evolved over the past year
  • Eric shares some recommendations for a multi-generational workforce

In this episode…

Building and implementing a people strategy isn’t easy. As Eric Guthoff says, people are the foundation of business, but this area is often underserved.

A passion for sports and a drive for relationships are the basis of Eric’s work. He has a proven track record of building solid bonds across sports, entertainment, gaming, and eSports. With his advisory firm, Human Advantage, he focuses on the importance of developing the people and culture within a business in order to help it thrive. So, what is Eric’s advice to companies looking to grow from within and create an employee culture that propels business outcomes?

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco sits down with Eric Guthoff, the Founder of Human Advantage, to discuss why relationships are the foundation of success. Eric talks about developing inclusive workplaces, the concept of “coach leadership,” and how to establish lasting business foundations. Stay tuned!

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