The Leading Edge: “How Can I Help?” -- The Radical Power of Empowering Others with Robert “Bob” Nicholas, Director of Sales for Amerisure Insurance

By Jeremy Weisz posted 06-02-2021 09:35 AM


Do you want to become a more empathetic leader? Are you ready to model a different kind of leadership — one that selflessly enables employees to succeed? 

When it comes to empowerment, more people talk a good game than play one — but not Bob Nicholas. Bob goes far beyond lip service and embodies real service: the kind that disrupts the status quo and inspires employees. "My personal passion,” he explains, “is to help people go home in better shape than when they came to work that day.” According to Bob, this profound process of employee empowerment all starts by asking “How can I help?” and treating your employees with the dignity they deserve. So, what is it really like to empower a team day-to-day, and how can you become a more employee-focused leader? Step out onto the leading edge to find out. 

In this episode of The Leading Edge, Thomas A. Stewart interviews Bob Nicholas, the Director of Sales at Amerisure Insurance, to discuss how radical — and practical — empowerment can be, and what it takes to be an empowering boss. Listen in as Bob reveals how Amerisure chooses its agents, how it translates passion into customer value, and how it empowers and improves the lives of its employees. This is The Leading Edge — a podcast where new ideas are cultivated and leaders find their edge to succeed. Subscribe to never miss another episode!

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Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn:

  • Bob Nicholas explains how Amerisure is different from other insurance companies
  • How does Amerisure empower its employees?
  • Bob’s strategies for translating company-wide passion into value for the customer
  • How do you foster strong customer relationships in the digital age?
  • One of Bob’s biggest takeaways from his time as a theater major: the importance of authentic emotion 
  • Bob shares some of his favorite books — and the lessons he’s learned from them

About Our Guest:

Robert NicholasRobert “Bob” Nicholas is the Director of Sales for Amerisure Insurance, where he has faithfully worked for more than 18 years. In this role, Bob leads the Field Marketing & Underwriting sales processes for Amerisure, creates new business top line goals, executes agency business planning, and much more. He started at the company as a Service Carrier Operations Supervisor in 2002, and has since worked up to his current role as Director of Sales. 

Some of Bob’s past positions include Youth Minister for the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and Lay Director for the Cursillo Movement of the Diocese of Memphis. 

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