Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy with Lance Hollander, Co-Founder and Partner of The Agency Shop

By Jeremy Weisz posted 05-24-2021 11:49 AM


Lance HollanderLance Hollander is the Co-founder and Partner of The Agency Shop, a company that provides due diligence and assessment of digital strategies, ROI, agency competence, media effectiveness, and technology selections. In addition to this, Lance is a board member at From the Future, an advisor at CourtAvenue, and the Principal of Lance Hollander Consulting.

Lance has over 20 years of experience in digital strategy, customer experience, marketing technology, and media. He has owned, led, and sold three digital agencies, including Delphic Digital, which was purchased for its award-winning customer experience work and Fortune 500 clients.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Lance discusses his first job in marketing — and the surprising change to his cover letter that got him there
  • The mentors and lessons that have shaped Lance’s career
  • How can you identify — and act on — your strengths and weaknesses?
  • The Agency Shop’s process for digital due diligence
  • What skills are most valuable for current and future marketing professionals?
  • How to determine the best ways to communicate with your clients
  • The impact of the pandemic on marketing agencies and businesses
  • Leveraging data to optimize your content and boost your conversion rates
  • Lance’s advice for marketing and C-suite leaders

In this episode…

Is your company successfully engaging with your desired clients? Are you highlighting your business’ best features in your marketing content? When it comes to digital media, one of the most effective ways to move the needle is to personalize the experience for each client. So, how exactly do you determine a consumer’s preferred method of communication?

According to Lance Hollander, the Co-founder and Partner of The Agency Shop, a vital aspect of your marketing strategy is understanding and leveraging consumer data. As he says, data can tell you what types of communication your audience prefers, the content they enjoy most, and how often they want to hear from you. When you recognize what your clients want, you can provide them with a top-of-the-line consumer experience that leads to more conversions and customer loyalty.

In this episode of Level Up, Nick Araco chats with Lance about the best ways to communicate with your clients online. Lance discusses the future of digital marketing, how to leverage data in your marketing strategy, and his tips for reaching your desired audience — as well as how to turn that audience into loyal customers. Stay tuned.

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