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Insights into Leadership and Financial Literacy with Cheryl Nash, CEO of Tegra118

By Jeremy Weisz posted 01-04-2021 01:51 AM


Cheryl Nash is the CEO of Tegra118, a trusted leader in wealth and asset management technology. Prior to joining the Tegra118 team, Cheryl was the President of Fiserv Investment Services, where she was responsible for business development, product strategy, and more. She is committed to pushing the boundaries of what is expected in wealth management with future-forward technology innovation. 

Cheryl's proudest professional moments include receiving the Money Management Institute's Pioneer Award, co-chairing the MMI’s Technology & Operations Committee, and sitting on MMI’s Board of Trustees’ Gateway to Leadership program dedicated to workplace diversity.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Cheryl Nash shares what drove her to focus on automation in the wealth management industry
  • How Cheryl embraces change management and technology as a leader
  • How to create a career lattice in an industry that is built on ladders
  • Cheryl talks about maintaining a vibrant company culture while working remotely
  • The lessons Cheryl will carry from 2020 into the new year
  • How to handle mistakes with a strategic approach
  • Cheryl emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in the industry
  • Some of Cheryl’s biggest professional influences

In this episode…

What do you know about your industry to be true? As your role and responsibilities evolve throughout the years, it’s important to adapt to the new standards of your changing industry—while still staying true to your core values. 

Cheryl Nash has worked her way through various positions in technology and wealth management, now leading her company as CEO. As an expert at navigating career lattices in an industry built on career ladders, Cheryl is committed to innovation, inclusion, and business development strategies. So, what is her advice to leaders looking to excel in the new year? 

In this episode of Level Up, host Nick Araco interviews Cheryl Nash, the CEO of Tegra118. They discuss what it means to be an agent of change in your industry, how to maintain company culture while working from home, and the importance of financial literacy. Cheryl also shares her thoughts on inclusion and diversity in the wealth management field and the lessons she's taking from 2020 into the new year. Stay tuned.

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